Challenge is nothing but a seed of Opportunity"

Rural Origin in it's sole purpose exists as a seed of Potential to provide new opportunities to Millions of Rural Producers, SME & Rural Enterprises involved in Processing or Marketing of such produces and the End Consumers who actually consumes it.

We are targeting to improve the overall ecosystem with following:

  • Many Rural Enterprises has essence of the mother nature which vanishes as there produces go through the  traditional Supply Chain and Market Lead Processes. Loosing the 'Real Essence'  and it's originality as it passes through the inefficient processes and reach final consumers.
  • At Rural Origin, we are targeting  Producers, Processors and Consumers to bridge the Gap's in processes and increasing the overall value by preserving the  'Essence, Quality, Value' of the produces.
  • There has been huge GAP between Small Rural & SME Enterprises, Marketers and there counterparts in Urban, or more Technologically of Financially sound economies.
  • In addition, there have been scenarios when the ample produces, have created a scenario of less consumption and lower prices for producers. Creating enterprises which can create value added Products from such produces can add great impact & value for the overall ecosystem.
  • Rural Economy globally need more opportunities in terms of additional income sources in terms of small enterprises, jobs and market opportunities , so that they can utilize time, resources for maximum capacity.

Rural Origin has been started with a mission to develop it as a seed of infinite which exists before Rural Ecosystem. It has vision to work as facilitator for opportunity seeds and act as catalyst for Global Rural Economy.

Just like  sowing seeds for new crop, what we know is the potential of seed and what it can become; with same approach we are starting our mission with Rural Origin believing in potential of Rural Origin to create infinite opportunities for Millions of Aspirations which are building in Rural Economies.

We will keep providing all the growth resources in terms of water, manure, sweat to nurture it. We also welcome all those caring hands who also see same potential in this seed and willing to help us in anyway.

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